Frequently Asked Questions

1.  Are all of the events for the weekend in one location?

The majority of the events are being held at our host hotel, the Cascades Casino Resort.  Both the Hearties launch party on Friday and the Meet the Stars events are at the host hotel.  For the Hope Valley tours on Sunday, you will be transported via bus to set.

2.  Where is the closest Airport?

There are two nearby airports.  Vancouver International Airport (YVR) is the larger of the two.  There is also Abbotsford International Airport (YXX) nearby.  In the past, some Hearties flew into Seattle, Washington and drove to Vancouver.

 Photo by Ardra Morse

Photo by Ardra Morse

3.  What do I wear? 

Layers, layers, and layers. Most of the events will be inside, however, the set tour will be outdoors. Vancouver has quite a bit of rain, so don't forget your umbrella and rain/snow/waterproof boots! It may be quite muddy on the set tour. Casual to business casual would be best, although you can dress up as fancy as you would like for the events.

4.  Do I need a passport to cross the border into Canada?

Please note that documents required vary by your state of residence and if you are driving across the border or flying into Canada.  Regulations for border crossing can also change frequently.  What does this mean?  Do not rely on other Hearties to determine what document is needed.  In most cases, you will need a passport, but please research this matter thoroughly and give yourself plenty of time to obtain the appropriate document if needed.  View travel information on the US Dept of State travel page ( to determine what documents you need.  There is also great information provided by the Canadian Border Services Agency about what to expect at the border.

5.  Will I be able to use my cell phone in Canada?

Check with your cell phone provider about international calling plans while in Canada. These will vary with your personal plan and provider.

 Photo by Ricardo Hubbs

Photo by Ricardo Hubbs

6.  Will I have foreign transaction fees if I use my credit card/debit card in Canada?

Check with your credit or debit card to see if there are international fees per transaction. This varies by provider and can add up quickly, so do your homework by contacting them before you go.  It is also a good idea to notify them of your travel dates when you will be using the card internationally.

7. Do I need to get any Canadian currency for my trip?

This is truly a personal preference if you want to travel with credit cards or cash for your trip.  If you choose to use cash, and bring only US Dollars (USD), some establishments may not accept it.  Some may accept the US Dollar, but not give you a favorable exchange rate.  If you decide to bring Canadian currency with you, most banks in the states have currency exchange services (give yourself plenty of lead time though, because many have to order the currency).  

8.  I want to see (insert favorite actor here)!  Will he/she be there?  

We are unable to guarantee that any particular actor will be in attendance due to the nature of production and personal schedules.  We can tell you that a very high percentage of the cast went above and beyond to attend the first two Hearties Family Reunions held last January and December.  We anticipate that they will do their best to be at #HFR3!

9.  Can I bring gifts for the cast? 

Due to the number of Hearties in attendance, we ask that you refrain from bringing gifts for the cast.  You are welcome to bring cards and/or notes for them!

10.  Can I bring gifts to share with all Hearties in attendance?

The HFR team will not be accepting and/or distributing items brought by Hearties this HFR.  In addition, if you wish to bring a gift for all Hearties in attendance, you are responsible for any costs incurred to bring or ship these items to Canada.  Please be sure to research this as there are customs fees associated with carrying or shipping items to Canada.  

11.  What do I need to bring with me to HFR check-in?

Check-in time is scheduled for Friday, Oct. 20 from 12 p.m. - 3 p.m. at the Cascades Casino Resort.  You are welcome to check in anytime during that three hour window.  The following items are required at check-in:

  • Form of identification for individuals 18 and older (Passport, drivers license, or state I.D.).  Identification is not required for attendees who are minors, however they must be accompanied by adult at check-in.  
  • Production release form (this will be sent to all attendees prior to the event via EventBrite email)

12.  Is there an age limit to attend?  Can I bring my child?

"When Calls the Heart" is a family show, so there is no age limit to attend the Hearties Family Reunion.  Please note, however, that a paid registration is required for each individual, with the exception of infants.  Out of consideration for all Hearties, we do hope that every individual (adult or child) in attendance is a fan of the show, as spaces are limited.  

13.  Is Hope Valley handicap accessible? 

The Jamestown movie set, known to us as Hope Valley, contains gravel and dirt roads, wooden slatted walkways, steps up and down into set buildings and restrooms that do not accommodate wheelchairs.  If you have a confirmed registration, and believe that accessibility for the Hope Valley tour may be an issue for you, please send an email to

14.  If I'm staying at another hotel besides the Cascades Casino Resort, will I have to pay for parking during the event?

No, there are no parking fees at the Cascades Casino Resort for the events on Friday and Saturday.   


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