HFR Day Two
Meet the Stars

Event Date & Time:  Saturday, Oct. 5, 7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Cost:  Included in registration fee

Location:  Host hotel

Attire:  Casual 

Food:  Breakfast & lunch buffets
Event Details:  It's the big day!  The cast will be in attendance on Saturday & the day will include Q&A panel sessions, along with interaction and photo opportunities with the cast.  Hearties who have attended in the past will tell you that the Q&A panels always reveal some great stories from cast members and the creators of the show.  Details are still being finalized and will be posted as they become available, but we do know it will be a day to remember!  

If you're wondering how early you should arrive to get a seat, we have good news!  There is a seating assignment system in place this year so that Hearties don't have to wait in line!   

If you're wondering which cast members will be in attendance, please refer to the FAQ page. 

Autographs will not be part of the cast interaction this year, however, Hearties in attendance will be gifted with a special autographed item.

Photos by Ricardo Hubbs, Eike Schroter, Ardra Morse, Jordan Blackstone, Lisa Gupton, and Bettina Strauss